The Lash Studio provides a variety of Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions & Eyebrow Treatments.

A full consultation is provided ensuring we understand the look you are wanting to achieve. All Eyelash Extensions include complimentary soothing collagen under-eye Treatment and a Colour Correction (Eyelash Tint) where required. We also stock a huge range of lashes – almost any Curl, Colour, Thickness & Length imaginable !

As every person is different, the number of eyelashes applied relates to the number of eyelashes you have. To complete every Classic ‘Full-Set’ of Eyelash Extensions, an individual Eyelash is carefully grafted to each of your own eyelashes. These lashes are selected as the healthiest being suitable such extension applications.

With our Volume Eyelash Extension Technique, multiple Super-Thin lashes (from 200-400 per eye) are carefully & individually grafted to your own natural eyelashes. Please be aware the Volume Technique may take up to 2 hours for applications.

Eyelash Treatments:

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Single 1:1 application technique with 1 synthetic lash carefully and expertly attached to your own lashes…

Silk Mink
Full Set Eyelash Extensions 150 175
Half Set Eyelash Extensions 100 110
Half Set with Semi Permanent Mascara 120 130
100% Pure Mink Extensions 250
Lower Eyelash Extensions 60
2 wks 3 wks 4 wks
  Infill Pricing:  65  80  100
Removal of Eyelash Extensions ($25) 0-15 minutes / ($50) 15-30 minutes.

Volume Lash Extensions:

Multiple super-fine eyelash extensions carefully and expertly attached to your own lashes…

New Set

3 wks

4 wks
2D Volume Extensions (2:1) 200 100 120
3D-4D Volume Extensions (3-4.1) 250 150 175
5D-6D ‘Hollywood’ Volume Extensions (5-6:1) 350 175 220
100% Pure Mink Volume Extensions POA


Rapid-Lash Eyelash Extensions
Imagine a full set of lashes in 30 minutes? Rapid-Lash Extensions are an innovative technique using Flexi-Glue & StudioLASH Semi-Permanent Mascara. Rapid-Lash Extensions no longer require infills and normally last 2-3 weeks often more.


Lash-Lift Eyelash Perming
Throw out those old Eyelash Curlers! Lash-Lift by StudioLASH is a revolution in Eyelash Perming… Curls lashes from the root, treatment lasts 8-10 weeks…
Lash-Lift Perming incl. Tint 100


Semi Permanent Mascara
Ideal for active lifestyles, events, weddings or holidays, StudioLASH Semi-Permanent Mascara is smudge resistant & 100% waterproof.Applied similar to traditional Mascara, StudioLASH is a revolutionary lash coating specially formulated to last 2-3 weeks often more.
Upper Eyelash Application 40
Lower Eyelash Application 25
Upper & Lower Eyelash Application 60
Over Eyelash Extensions 30



Eyebrow Treatments:

Semi Permanent Brows including Complete Eyebrow Transformation
Includes consultation, colour correction, wax, trim, tweeze for your perfectly shaped brow. Semi Permanent Makeup is applied to your desired shape & colour.
Complete Eyebrow Re-Shape 45
Includes consultation, wax, trim & tweeze for the perfectly shaped brow. In order to keep brows maintained & neatly shaped, follow up appointments every 3–4 weeks is normally advised.
Complete Eyebrow Shaping & Eyelash Tint 60
Includes full consultation, wax, trim, tweeze and Eyebrow Tint.
Eyebrow Wax, Shape & Tidy 25
Maintenance of Eyebrows being defined to its usual shape
Mens Brow Treatment – Wax, Trim & Tidy 25
Keeping a masculine shape, always looking sharp!
Brow Tidy, Brow Tint & Eyelash Tint 60
For our repeat clients when tidying an existing brow shape.
Eyebrow Threading 35
Eyebrow Tinting 15
Eyelash Tinting 25

Men’s Eyelash / Eyebrow Treatments:

Sydney’s premiere Salon & Lash Artist specialising in Male Eyelash Extension treatments.  All Eyelash Extension treatments include soothing lint-free Collagen under eye Treatment.

Individual Eyelash Extensions – Full Set
Real Mink Extensions, so Natural that no-one will know…
Black or Brown Available – Colour correction where required
Eyelash Extension Infills
Varies on lashes required & time between appointments.